Movie Review: Marie Antoinette



Marie Antoinette (Official Trailer) | Sofia Coppola

Many movies have been made about one of the greatest female villan figures in all of history. Yet, no movie has ever been made like this. The fall of once strong leaders through rebellion is something we see daily, whether it occurs through elections like the United States or through revolutions where rebels get put under house arrest while their ideas still roam free, as seen in Burma with Aung San Suu Kyi. Marie Antoinette is a fun movie to watch with breathtakingly beautiful scenery and costumes; though, it does have major historical inaccuracies and tends to take liberties involving the direct encounters, dialogue, and emotions of the characters. Made by Sofia Coppola as a drama, this movie shows a side to the French Revolution rarely seen and emphasized with: royalty. I would rate this movie an 8/10.   I loved the stunningly done Marie Antoinette, possibly more than I should have. Overall, the beautiful cinematography, dialogue, intrigue, and scenery more than make up for the lack of historical accuracy in portions of the plot. Kirsten Dunst and Jason Schwartzman both play the parts of awkward young teens thrust into royal responsibility remarkably well, with Kirsten carrying a large portion of the movie on her capable shoulders. Marie Antoinette is a fairy tale type world saturated with delicate color, as if a Hans Christian Andersen tale was brought to life. The overall tone of the movie is of a high society that cannot maintain it’s fake ways for long, which is perfect when set against the backdrop of the French Revolution. The music was not prevalent in the movie; however, when it did appear, in pop songs and bright beats, it brightened up the movie and set the tone better, if slightly awkwardly. Acting overall was convincing, though there were times when a bit more emotion could have been added to create depth to the ultimate character performance. In the end, Marie Antoinette is a wonderful movie to watch for entertainment, just make sure you understand a bit of the history behind her first.


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