In the Woods Review

I just finished reading this book called In the Woods. Unlike the movie, it was unbelievable. Down to every character detail and the dramatic end, it was brilliant. Every character development and plot twist were better than the last. I couldn’t have predicted the end if I tried. In Tana French’s amazing new book, three children had gone out of their small Dublin countryside neighborhood. Hours of unanswered phone calls later, one child is found by the police gripping a tree in terror. Police empty his blood-filled sneakers and after intense interrogation found the little boy could not remember anything. Over two decades later, Detective Rob Ryan, an alias for this small found boy grown up, has kept all of his past a secret- except his police partner Cassie Maddox. When a child murder case floats through the homicide department when everyone else is out, this time of a twelve year old girl, Cassie jumps on the case and Detective Ryan realizes it is in the woods that once caused him so much terror. As they return again and again trying to trace leads and catch the killer, only snippets of long-buried remembrances guide them, and Ryan has a chance to uncover both the mystery of the girl’s murder and of his childhood friends. Anyone who enjoys police procedurals with international flair will love in the woods. It is the part whodunit, part psychological thriller, and all around successful. Tana’s plot entanglements will confound even the most intelligent reader. Well written and expertly plotted thriller that will have even smart people who know better lose themselves in, of course, the woods. url


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