All I can say about this book is: wow. When I first started reading I was a bit unsure whether I would enjoy it, written in 1931 and set in London in the year 2540. I tried to seek out connections as I began reading and realized very quickly that I didn’t have too. Written as a beautiful story full of science fiction made real, it follows the adventures of about three main characters as they experience life in this society. images-1Written mainly from an omniscient type of viewpoint, I love the way I felt involved in the book, and it’s plot while still feeling like I knew what was happening but not what was going to happen. It took a little bit longer than my usual read to get to the part in the plot where the real action took place.

The ending was highly unexpected; I had to reread the last page two or three times to truly understand. Overall, this book is incredible for the way it makes your mind work to not only grasp but to think about the material. imgres-4It makes you feel and I enjoyed the experience. Also, I will be thinking about this long after I reread it for a second or third time. A fantastic read, I would recommend it to all who like fiction, science fiction, theories, philosophy, or just want to think while reading. A must read in my book.



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