Book Review: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

You may know her as the author to Gone Girl, but there is another thriller that should soon be sweeping the nation by this tour de force mystery writer. Reporter Camille Preaker has to return to her small town roots in Wind Gap, MO in order to cover a story of serial murders. Coming into this book I was immediately hooked and fell more in love with the imperfect characters and tortured small town ideals of the people. Page by page, I got more and more obsessed and trust me when I say it keeps you guessing until. the. very. last. page. literally. With doting on the ill, possibly insane Adora, the perfect barbie of this small town and Camille’s mother. Alan, Adora’s husband, who lurks around offering unique advice at the oddest times. Amma, Camille’s half sister and Adora’s chance to redo her relationship with her deceased daughter, Amma seems to be a young party girl who happens to be perfect daughter at home and something very different outside of it. And finally, Camille, a sharp, model looking, woman who is always covered because her past is written all over her. This tale almost runs this risk of being cliché; however, I promise it is anything but.


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