Greece and Italy Breakdown

On first impression, the group was really nice and that proved to be correct throughout our trip. I was lucky enough to sit next to a girl on my trip on the plane and we watched cheesy movies set in Europe like Mama Mia and Sound of Music the entire time in between naps on tray tables.
The trip started on Corfu. We worked sorting clothes in a warehouse for children of difficult situations who now live in temporary housing in one big building, similar to an orphanage. When we weren’t working we went and adventured. Firstly, we toured the farm  where the kids help work on and checked out some of the animals. Then we went to this beach with amazing craggy cliffs that people could jump off of. We also went on boats and explored more beaches. Shopping in the town of Corfu and exploring an old fortress was also required before going back to the beach. We also visited the microbrewery that supplied the London Olympics. For our final night in Greece, we had a seafood dinner before taking the ferry to Italy.


Say farewell to Corfu and board the ferry for Italy, for a short trip across the sea. A highlight from Sorrento was a boat trip on the Amalfi coast. Positano is one of my favorite places, especially after that.


Then we traveled to our final destination, Rome, where you’ll find an amazing sight around every corner. The Colosseum was amazing. My dad is an alumnus of the University of Texas at Austin and there were students from UT at the Colosseum. They were kind enough to take photos of me doing the hook ‘em horns sign, when I noticed that tourists were giving me weird looks. Turns out hook ‘em horns means something different in Italian… Anyways after that we got to walk in the steps of Caesar in the Roman Forum and visit St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. The next day we got to go and see the Sistine Chapel, which was incredible. The blues of the sky were amazing and even though we got yelled at by the guards for sitting on the floor (it was a 105+ degrees fahrenheit in there according to snapchat) it was truly an incredible experience. That night we finished with a fancy dinner having all of the wonderful pasta we could try. My personal favorites were the spaghetti and the pesto. IMG_5127 IMG_5032 IMG_3496 IMG_5259 IMG_4969 IMG_4936 IMG_4947 IMG_5031 IMG_5123 IMG_5180 IMG_4902 IMG_4802 IMG_5257 IMG_4793 IMG_5252 IMG_4903 IMG_4901 IMG_3619 IMG_5242 IMG_5120 IMG_4934 IMG_4872 IMG_4884 IMG_4938 IMG_5039 IMG_4961 IMG_3566 IMG_3532 IMG_5135 IMG_5142 IMG_3327 IMG_4876 IMG_3494 IMG_5139 IMG_5029 IMG_4883 IMG_4943 IMG_5091 IMG_3531 IMG_5023 IMG_4886 IMG_5255 IMG_5034 IMG_5025 IMG_4931 IMG_4761 IMG_5021 IMG_5181 IMG_5093 IMG_4854 IMG_5177 IMG_4941

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